GROW-Services provides GROW charts integrated in your maternity information system or through the standalone Web-app

  • Detect growth restrictions
  • Customised Growth charts
  • Reporting of your IUGR rates
  • Automatic plotting
  • Online access everywhere through a web-browser

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About GROW Charts

Customised charts (GROW) delineate the Gestation Related Optimal Weight for each baby, by

  • adjusting for characteristics such as maternal height, weight, parity and ethnic origin
  • predicting the growth potential by excluding pathological factors such as smoking and diabetes


  • improve the antenatal detection of fetal growth problems
  • avoid unnecessary investigations and
  • reduce anxiety by reassuring mothers when growth is normal.


Literature summarising the evidence for customised charts is available on Their application within a comprehensive training programme with standardised protocols have been shown to significantly reduce stillbirth rates in England


The charts are recommended by the UK Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists RCOG and The Royal Dutch Midwifery Association KNOV.

What are the GROW Services?

The GROW Services enable Maternity Information Systems to incorporate GROW charts in the application. If the MIS integration is not yet available GROW-Services also provides the charts through an standalone Web-app.

Benefits GROW API

Incorporating the GROW Charts directly into the software application of healthcare providers has numerous benefits:

  • Time savings by avoiding double entry of data items already present in the patient record
  • Minimize the risk of typing errors, resulting in incorrect information
  • Increased usage, as charts are available through the click of a single button

Standalone Web-app

The standalone Web-app is for healthcare providers that work with an MIS that does not yet support direct integration and features:

  • Customised GROW charts for all women in your care
  • Automated ploting of fundal hight measurements
  • Customised birthweight centile at birth
  • Reporting of your IUGR rates

How does it work?

Using GROW Services is easy!

  • Apply for a license here
  • We will send you an information package, including your license agreement by e-mail
  • Send a signed copy back to us
  • We will send you a license-key for your organization. Enter the license-key in any of the supported applications, or the Web-app
  • Start generating GROW charts for your clients and improve your IUGR detection rates!